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Aneta Famulska

Managing Director

Limitless energy at work and passion in life. She’s been professionally and emotionally connected with a world of marketing and advertisement for several years now. She shares her dedication during worshops, trainings and as a academic lecturer. She has gained her professional experience in big advertising agencies, where she managed the creation divisions. Bulding Creative Flow she’s bet on people - a team with varied competencies. After work she doesn’t slow down. She travels, enjoys snowboarding and roller scating. She loves life.


Agnieszka Tamborska

Client Service Manager

A marketer, a saleswoman. She builds relationships with clients brilliantly by defining their needs and expectations. She knows a great deal about the market, popular trends and modern online as well as offline marketing solutions. A huge intuition and professional experience gained at the advertising agencies are her undoubtful advantages. She loves to sing and riding a bike.


Adam Brodzki

Creative Director

A mixture of talent, market awareness and intuition. He gained his knowledge and skills at The Academy of Fine Art in Lodz. His experience is a result of working as a head of creation division in big project teams. When designing and coordinating graphic work, he embraces creative freedom and at the same time focuses on satisfying the clients’ needs. A perfectionist, who’s very careful about the details. He’s responsible for creation, animations and maintaining the right level of humour at the office. After hours he changes pixels for beats and he devotes himself to his passion for music.


Julian Rzeźniczak

Graphic Designer

The youngest member our Creative Flow team. He specializes and is keen on posters  design, but he’s constantly developing skills in other fields as well. He’s been involved with designing and desktop publishing for a few years now, gaining his experience in different projects. He supports a team by coming up with great, fresh ideas and he helps to look at things from a different perspective. When he’s working, he likes to listen to the music, when he’s not – the same. He values a good crime fiction. In his free time he devotes himself to feature games and emerges into the world of fantasy.


Mateusz Stanisławski (Draegg)

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

He studied graphic design and editorial design at The Academy Of Fine Arts in Lodz. In commercial work he focuses on deep understanding of client’s needs and adapting the best soultions. He feels really good in the world of symbols, metaphors and ambiguity as a passiontae seeker of a hidden meaning. At nights he creates scrapes of other worlds and he plans moving out there at the same time escaping from unruly thoughts, kids, animals, sheets of paper and pencils.

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