Costa Coffee

Costa Coffe wants to inspire the world to love great coffee. In our design office we’ve been inspired by great coffee to create a catalogue for a well know brand, which is loved by millions.

We used approved colour palettes and typefaces, which are the components of the corporate identity. Relying on this strong foundation, we were able to engage ourselves in a creation of an exceptionally aromatic story about a chain of coffee houses. On each page we found a perfect place for a visual and textual content which together made coherent, clear and atrractive composition. We seasoned intense, colorful pictures and graphics with coffee beans and vectors, which are designed in a popular style of chalk drawing. They perfectly merged into the catalogue structure, catching the eye and featuring important details.

Appetizing, coffee- and professionalism- smelling invitation to collaboration with the franchise, presenting its history, underlying its dynamic development and emphasizing advantages.

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