It is almost a mystical feeling, when you have a chance to build something from the ground up. To let your imagination run wild. Fuzja is a result of many inspirational discussions, which led us to form a concept, creation, to build the philosophy and add a meaning to it. It is a comprehensive project under which, next to Echo Investement, we (gladly and with a lot of hope) put our autograph.

We got really excited by the project from the very start, because of its potential and importance. Also because of its connection to Lodz. The city, which is well known for its creativity deserves to have unique spaces, which will suport its growth. And those spaces need to have their own voices. Each individual voice and the one that is shared by all of them together.

Our key word, the very idea of our creative concept was merger. A merger of places, fields, activities. Concentrating the diversity in one point. Absorbing all the positive values of the city and his creative inhabitants by a place, which respects history, but it’s open to new perspectives.

When it comes to visuals, in Fuzja different shapes and colors meet together. Contrasts, which are complementary to each other and harmoniously coexist. Minimalistic logo with a hidden message. Fuzja is a place, where You matter. Your needs, Your comfort, Your good mood. You can be yourself here, because it’s a place open for everybody.

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