Lodz Special Economic Zone

Brand new, fresh and also strong image of Lodz Special Economic Zone positioning it as a leader of integrated services for business.

Refresh of the logo signet that we have made is based on richer and more saturated colour accents and more noticeable contrast. The effect of spaciality of the sign has been added to create totally new quality, which is correlated with Lodz Special Economic Zone’s philosophy and mission as a zone of innovative development, widening and shaping competencies, establishing cooperations between partners.

The logotype is an example of a modern, narrow typography, which relates to a city landscape- a distinctive narrow and compact building in Lodz. We deliberately played with proportions creating a mathematized pattern of the logo, which has become a foundation for building a whole, coherent image.

A clever unfolding of the logotype has shaped among the others the visual identity of the Partner Programme and a graphical form of a LSSE SPARK motto. Spark for growth, including the main message about openness to cooperation, activities and also pursuing further growth and professionalization.

Spark also relates to new knowledge- indispensible element of Strefa RozwoYou. Beacause of that it is in an obvious way carved in the specially designed for the project logo. Coherent in form and tone. Independent and at the same time naturally complementary.

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