Website is without a doubt one of those components, which play a major role in creating and strengthening the brand’s image. Nevertheless, company web page is much more than a structure, which is pleasant for the eyes or even the most beautiful visual content. It is a whole set of perfectly harmonized elements, which can be accomplished by taking special care of the details. We remembered about it while creating a project of a responsive website for Wratislavia- Polish vodka brand. We intentionally made subtle parallaxes appear on the website, so they could add an interesting and attractive touch. Coloring of the graphics is elegant and classic- black and white with a pinch of champagne gold, which obviously refers to the unique design of the satin bottle. The website shapes the image of Wratislavia, so it is perceived as a premium brand. It also creates whole purchasing philosophy by selling style, class of a good alcohol and offering a little bit of sophistication.

A drop down navigation slowly reveals the brand before our eyes, cleverly uncover the secrets of its history and connects it with Polish tradition.

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